‘Do we need an MC for our wedding?’

I often get asked this question and it’s definitely something worth considering for your reception.

If being hired as your celebrant and MC, it make it seamless for you, your guests and other vendors like photographers or venue managers. 

You may have a friend who is full of life and funny but has never had experience engaging a large crowd, speaking into a microphone or acting as a director of the reception. With my MC experience, I touch base with all vendors and liaise with them consistently throughout the reception.

Your MC should not simply introduce what’s coming up next. A good MC will ensure the kitchen is running to schedule and if it isn’t, will know how to rearrange the schedule on the fly with confidence.

The role of the MC can really make or break your wedding or event. Make sure you completely trust yours with confidence.


The duties of the MC often begin before the event. I will communicate with the couple, help with the run of the reception and provide expert advice on timing and placement of events.

I will familiarise myself with the run sheet and ensure as much as possible the timings are adhered to.


A key difference between a professional MC and a family member or friend doing the MC duties is experience. Though you may know someone who is great at storytelling or has known you as a couple for a long time, often a lot of the key skills needed for this role are missing. Can they coordinate with different vendors, use a microphone, keep an eye on the time, engage a crowd, understand when the tone of the evening should be light and fun and when it should be more serious? Do they have the confidence to deliver everything you want for your wedding? Do they want the stress of having the pressure when they just want to enjoy themselves?

As your MC, I’ll remain cool and calm under pressure and ensure any unexpected changes to the day can be handled immediately.

You, as the couple, do not want to be organising things on your day. Handing over the responsibility to a professional MC will help you relax and know that everything is under control.

The role of an MC is very complex and the best thing you can do to ensure you’re prepared for your wedding is to have the best people in the most suitable roles.