The process:

1.       We can chat over FaceTime, Skype, phone or face-to-face before you book me if you like.

2.       We meet and complete the Notice of Intended Marriage and discuss your wedding and what you do or don’t want included. I’ll be able to guide you through this process (assumedly I have been involved in a lot more weddings than you). This is when our creative juices can get flowing to create something amazingly unique and different from what your guests have seen before. But, most of all – something that reflects the two of you as a couple.

3.       Leading up to the wedding I will be in touch to assist with your vows (if needed) and will keep you updated on the process as we go.

4.       On the day, I will arrive 45-60 minutes before the ceremony with my trusty PA system, iPod connection and paperwork. We will all (with two witnesses) sign three important documents. Once signed, I will issue you with a Marriage Certificate.

5.       After the ceremony I will post all the legal stuff to the BDM (Births, Deaths and Marriages) and send you a link to apply for your official marriage certificate.